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It's not what you know.
It's who we know.

Hot sauce brand we are helping to grow.

Why we started Down the Pyke.

From successful consultants, to product promoters and innovators as well as clever real-estate investors; whatever "it" is, we got it.  And we're here to make it work for you.  Down the Pyke is an extensive team of salesmen and financial consultants ready to back your next project. We might even build you a website.

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The Pipeline

We have devised a mode of contact, qualification, meeting, proposal, closing and retention ready to fire at a whim.

Network of Contacts

After some time of being a faithful businessman you get to know a thing or two.  Down the Pyke has a long list of heavy hitting contacts that quite frankly cannot be beat.  Besides for our own partners and close personal friends, some of our closest contacts happen to be the most major retail suppliers in the world.

Sierra Trading
Whole Foods
And every major discount retailer across The United States.
Five Below
Burlington Coat Factory

The right fit for you.

After connecting you with the right people, we'll treat your business as a commodity and narrow down the most necessary qualifications to seed your financial goal.

Empowering Collaboration

Once our pipeline makes the proper connection between your business and its new contact.  We will work tirelessly to foster a relationship based not only on financial reasoning but trust.  We may even fly you out for a meeting, who knows.  Here at Down the Pyke we do everything by evaluation.

Business is about Family.


In it for the long run.

We want to show you we are just as invested in your business as you are.  Planning to scale financially is essential no matter the market.  Even if what's necessary is a capital infusion. 

Landscape built on Partnership

Contact me to find

your way to a happier financial future

1776 Willis Avenue, Merrick, New York, 11566


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